Picking Out The Perfect Office Flooring

office flooringIn days long past, your flooring choices for finishing off an office space were sharply limited. The carpet was the beginning and end of your options, and the palette of colours available to you was just utterly sad.

It’s no wonder the floors in many offices were allowed to grow decrepit over time. Things are very different today! You have a far wider range of choices available to you, and today’s office floors can be both stunningly beautiful and amazingly durable.

Open Plan Office

In an open plan office, you might want to consider something like a wood finish in a neutral grey colour. This gives you a good compromise between stylishness and practicality.

While you’ll lose a little bit of the acoustic dampening function you’d get from a carpeted floor, in exchange you get a floor that’s much, much easier to keep clean and free of stains. In a busy enough office, this can make an enormous difference to the long-term care of your floor.

Parquet Flooring

One always-appealing option to look at is parquet flooring. While this has a reputation for expense that may give you second thoughts, don’t overlook the options available to you for replicating the look of parquetry as a fraction of the cost.

Parquet-pattern laminate floors can cost less than 30 pounds per square metre. This lets you add a touch of extreme elegance and class to executive areas or public spaces without breaking the bank.

In our opinion, parquet-style floors are the best way to add a touch of taste and tradition to an “industrial chic” look that features accents like statement chairs in the waiting area and black pendant lighting over the reception desk.

Adjoining Kitchen

Virtually all offices now include both an integrated kitchen area and a breakout area for general purpose use. Giving these spaces their own distinctive flooring is an excellent way to make the space planning of your office clear.

Try stone-effect laminate floors to provide a sharp contrast to wood and carpet patterns. The pattern is eye-catching, but the laminate material is just as easy to keep clean as any other office flooring.

Home Office

When it comes to office spaces laid out at home, it’s especially important to make flooring choices that blend well with ordinary residential floors. You want something that is definitely distinctive without actively clashing with the rest of your home décor.

We recommend choosing off of a colour palette very close to your home’s other floors. Examples of tasteful home office choices that maintain plenty of flexibility include lacquered matte golden oak flooring or just a simple and versatile ash flooring.

Any good flooring outlet or specialist will be happy to help you explore the wealth of different options available to you in the world of office flooring. A good flooring specialist should provide plenty of different material choices running the gamut from laminates to solid woods.

Make sure they have colours and styles to suit every personal taste and every decorative scheme to give yourself the widest scope of choice.

Lastly, shop around as you should now also find comprehensive ratings for the majority of flooring products on the market.

Here are some more office flooring ideas for you to see.

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