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hardwood flooring for a loftIf you have been considering adding on an extra room in your home by way of a loft conversion, one of the first major hurdles you’ll need to take into consideration is the flooring.

There’s still plenty of work that needs to be done even if the loft or attic already happens to be boarded out. For instance, you’re almost sure to need reinforcement of the joists for extra sturdiness and support.

The unfortunate news is that the entire floor will most likely have to come up and be re-laid. However, it’s best to take that opportunity to give yourself the best looking and most practical flooring possible right at the beginning of your project, as doing it later will just be a big pain in the neck!

Getting Prepared

First of all, you should take stock of the space you already have available for your loft conversion. Consider also how the space will be used?

Before laying down any new flooring, you should also make sure you cable out space as the room will most likely need to incorporate this. Broadband internet, electricity, and any kind of telephone connections will be easy to accommodate if you make room for the cabling now rather than after the floor has already been finalised.

Finally, you should make sure that there’s proper insulation under the visible floor area, and work to make sure your floor plan gives the most space possible in the room.

If you are on a budget then this video shows you an effective way to prepare your floor for under £100.

The Different Flooring Options for a Loft Conversion

Option 1 – Hardwood

If you want a particularly modern style to your loft conversion, hardwood may be the best bet for you. It’s also a good choice to go with if the area has beams or joists that can’t easily be hidden and give your loft that overall rustic look.

Solid wood also offers plenty of aesthetic choices since it’s available in so many different colours. This way, you can make sure your room has the exact atmosphere that you’ve been envisioning. For instance, richer colours will give a sense of warmth, whereas cool colours might seem more relaxing to the occupants.

There are also a lot of different patterns you can provide your flooring through hardwood. Interlocking boards are especially popular these days, but a traditional layout with individual boards will give you a homey, rustic feel. In short, hardwood offers tonnes of variety for you, making it perfect for those with a love of creating a mood through your home design and decor.

Option 2 – Carpeting

While you could also go with something lime laminate flooring, the most attractive option after hardwood flooring is to provide the room with a carpet.

While it can be a little more difficult to adequately keep clean, a lot of people love the feeling of a soft carpeted floor under foot. You’ll have plenty of colour options available here as well, though the general aesthetic might not seem quite as modern.

Carpets are perfect for the likes of bedrooms, however, especially if the room is meant for a child. This is a classic style that people go to again and again, so if this happens to match your dream then go for it!

Also, consider if the loft space is somewhat cold or does it retain the heat. If it seems particularly cold then going for carpets for the flooring is most likely the most sensible choice for the room as it will help to retain the heat and keep the room warm.

Further Considerations

When discussing your loft conversion needs with your chosen contractor, it can be a good idea also to put them in contact with the company you choose to do the flooring for the room. This way, the two of them can be on the same page as to how the flooring needs to be prepared and laid. For example, you may also want to consider under floor heating or extra insulation. This should not be a problem when working with a professional loft conversion company like

Since you are already paying your loft conversion company to do the job, it will most likely save you some money to also ask them to make the necessary preparations to the flooring. Then, when it comes to the flooring, the floor company will only need to concern themselves with laying down the floor as the preparation work will already have been taken care of.

If you are wanting to do some of the smaller tasks yourself, like running the electrical cable, then here is some good information from to help you with this.

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