Loft Conversion Flooring | Make The Right Choice

hardwood flooring for a loftIf you have been considering adding on an extra room in your home by way of a loft conversion, one of the first major hurdles you’ll need to take into consideration is the flooring.

There’s still plenty of work that needs to be done even if the loft or attic already happens to be boarded out. For instance, you’re almost sure to need reinforcement of the joists for extra sturdiness and support.

The unfortunate news is that the entire floor will most likely have to come up and be re-laid. However, it’s best to take that opportunity to give yourself the best looking and most practical flooring possible right at the beginning of your project, as doing it later will just be a big pain in the neck!

Getting Prepared

First of all, you should take stock of the space you already have available for your loft conversion. Consider also how the space will be used?

Before laying down any new flooring, you should also make sure you cable out space as the room will most likely need to incorporate this. Broadband internet, electricity, and any kind of telephone connections will be easy to accommodate if you make room for the cabling now rather than after the floor has already been finalised.

Finally, you should make sure that there’s proper insulation under the visible floor area, and work to make sure your floor plan gives the most space possible in the room.

If you are on a budget then this video shows you an effective way to prepare your floor for under £100.

The Different Flooring Options for a Loft Conversion

Option 1 – Hardwood

If you want a particularly modern style to your loft conversion, hardwood may be the best bet for you. It’s also a good choice to go with if the area has beams or joists that can’t easily be hidden and give your loft that overall rustic look.

Solid wood also offers plenty of aesthetic choices since it’s available in so many different colours. This way, you can make sure your room has the exact atmosphere that you’ve been envisioning. For instance, richer colours will give a sense of warmth, whereas cool colours might seem more relaxing to the occupants.

There are also a lot of different patterns you can provide your flooring through hardwood. Interlocking boards are especially popular these days, but a traditional layout with individual boards will give you a homey, rustic feel. In short, hardwood offers tonnes of variety for you, making it perfect for those with a love of creating a mood through your home design and decor.

Option 2 – Carpeting

While you could also go with something lime laminate flooring, the most attractive option after hardwood flooring is to provide the room with a carpet.

While it can be a little more difficult to adequately keep clean, a lot of people love the feeling of a soft carpeted floor under foot. You’ll have plenty of colour options available here as well, though the general aesthetic might not seem quite as modern.

Carpets are perfect for the likes of bedrooms, however, especially if the room is meant for a child. This is a classic style that people go to again and again, so if this happens to match your dream then go for it!

Also, consider if the loft space is somewhat cold or does it retain the heat. If it seems particularly cold then going for carpets for the flooring is most likely the most sensible choice for the room as it will help to retain the heat and keep the room warm.

Further Considerations

When discussing your loft conversion needs with your chosen contractor, it can be a good idea also to put them in contact with the company you choose to do the flooring for the room. This way, the two of them can be on the same page as to how the flooring needs to be prepared and laid. For example, you may also want to consider under floor heating or extra insulation. This should not be a problem when working with a professional loft conversion company like

Since you are already paying your loft conversion company to do the job, it will most likely save you some money to also ask them to make the necessary preparations to the flooring. Then, when it comes to the flooring, the floor company will only need to concern themselves with laying down the floor as the preparation work will already have been taken care of.

If you are wanting to do some of the smaller tasks yourself, like running the electrical cable, then here is some good information from to help you with this.

Picking Out The Perfect Office Flooring

office flooringIn days long past, your flooring choices for finishing off an office space were sharply limited. The carpet was the beginning and end of your options, and the palette of colours available to you was just utterly sad.

It’s no wonder the floors in many offices were allowed to grow decrepit over time. Things are very different today! You have a far wider range of choices available to you, and today’s office floors can be both stunningly beautiful and amazingly durable.

Open Plan Office

In an open plan office, you might want to consider something like a wood finish in a neutral grey colour. This gives you a good compromise between stylishness and practicality.

While you’ll lose a little bit of the acoustic dampening function you’d get from a carpeted floor, in exchange you get a floor that’s much, much easier to keep clean and free of stains. In a busy enough office, this can make an enormous difference to the long-term care of your floor.

Parquet Flooring

One always-appealing option to look at is parquet flooring. While this has a reputation for expense that may give you second thoughts, don’t overlook the options available to you for replicating the look of parquetry as a fraction of the cost.

Parquet-pattern laminate floors can cost less than 30 pounds per square metre. This lets you add a touch of extreme elegance and class to executive areas or public spaces without breaking the bank.

In our opinion, parquet-style floors are the best way to add a touch of taste and tradition to an “industrial chic” look that features accents like statement chairs in the waiting area and black pendant lighting over the reception desk.

Adjoining Kitchen

Virtually all offices now include both an integrated kitchen area and a breakout area for general purpose use. Giving these spaces their own distinctive flooring is an excellent way to make the space planning of your office clear.

Try stone-effect laminate floors to provide a sharp contrast to wood and carpet patterns. The pattern is eye-catching, but the laminate material is just as easy to keep clean as any other office flooring.

Home Office

When it comes to office spaces laid out at home, it’s especially important to make flooring choices that blend well with ordinary residential floors. You want something that is definitely distinctive without actively clashing with the rest of your home décor.

We recommend choosing off of a colour palette very close to your home’s other floors. Examples of tasteful home office choices that maintain plenty of flexibility include lacquered matte golden oak flooring or just a simple and versatile ash flooring.

Any good flooring outlet or specialist will be happy to help you explore the wealth of different options available to you in the world of office flooring. A good flooring specialist should provide plenty of different material choices running the gamut from laminates to solid woods.

Make sure they have colours and styles to suit every personal taste and every decorative scheme to give yourself the widest scope of choice.

Lastly, shop around as you should now also find comprehensive ratings for the majority of flooring products on the market.

Here are some more office flooring ideas for you to see.

Getting Ready For New Flooring | What You Need To Know

laying new flooringIf you have decided the get new flooring, then there are some things you will need to consider before having the work done, or doing it yourself if you are brave!

Preparation is essential, and it can mean the difference between you having a bad floor or a great floor.

The preparation

When preparing the room fort new flooring, you will of course first need to remove all the furniture and everything else that is in the room to be able to get to every inch of the floor space. Nothing should be left on the floor. This is the first important step to be able to lift up the old flooring.

It will be easier if you can do this at least one day in advance of the new floor being laid. Laying a new floor can be a significant upheaval and can cause a certain amount of unrest throughout the household. Therefore it is important to get the preparation right in the first place to make the job go as smoothly as possible.

Depending on what type of flooring you are having laid, it will bring with it it’s own challenges to overcome. Wooden flooring, for example, can create a considerable amount of dust during the installation process so you may also want to remove all the curtains from the room until after the job is completed. It can be rather a pain to have to wash the curtains once your new flooring is laid, so removing them beforehand will save you a job.

If you are giving the whole room a full make-over, then be sure to do jobs like the painting first, or you will risk spilling paint on your new flooring, which would be a drag!

The Installation

Firstly, you will want to safeguard the mess that may start to spread through your house from having the new flooring laid. Therefore, it is a good idea to close all the doors of the room that you are working on to help prevent the spread of dust around the house and into the other rooms.

Your workers will need a decent amount of space to do any cutting or sanding down so prepare them an area for them to use fun the garden that is close to the area that they will be working on as possible.

Be also clear on what direction you want your flooring to be laid before they start the work. Once it’s laid, it is not an easy thing to change, and they may charge you again for the work.

After Installation

Once your new flooring is in place, you will, of course, be keen to move all your furniture back into the room and to start getting it the way you would like. However, depending upon which type of flooring you have gone for, you may need to wait a certain amount of time for the flooring to set before you can move heavy furniture back into the room. For this reason, be sure to ask the workmen who install your floor how long you will need to wait before you can move the furniture back in.

When moving your furniture, do so by using furniture pads to help avoid scratching your new floor surface. Be sure also to check what are the best cleaning materials to use on your new floor for the best results and that will not cause damage.

Other Considerations

When choosing and preparing for your new flooring, you also want to consider things like the overall feel and aesthetics of your flooring choice. Does it match the other rooms in the building and adjacent to the room?

Considering the use of the room is also very important as you want to pick a flooring choice that is both pleasant to look at, comfortable under foot and  practical for the type of room. For example, when choosing an office floor it is important to consider the acoustics of the flooring as you do not want to choose a floor that will reflect and amplify the noise of the room.

What is the best flooring for Your Kitchen?

There are several different choices of flooring for a kitchen that may all be suitable for this room. However, there are also some factors that you may want to consider to make the best choice possible for you.

Whatever your choice, make sure that you prepare well for your new flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

vynal-kitchen-floorVinyl flooring has more give under weight. Therefore it provides a more comfortable working surface if you are often in your kitchen.

Furthermore, the flexibility in the flooring also makes breakages less likely as the floor is somewhat more forgiving on dropped crockery.

Vinyl flooring is often quite a cheap option but still looks great. It provides an easy surface to maintain and is also very easy to clean up the mess if you make any spillage during cooking.

However, it is important to make sure that vinyl flooring is laid properly to prevent unwanted gaps, which can accumulate dirt over time.

Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of styles and colours, making it an easy option to blend in with the rest of your kitchen.

Porcelain Tile

This is by far one of the toughest floorings you can get in a kitchen. Porcelain tile has a great look and is also easy to clean. However, bear in mind that if you are a person who drops things frequently while cooking, then you can say goodbye to your crockery because there will be no give in the floor.

Another significant advantage to porcelain tile flooring is that it is impenetrable to moisture, which will help you to combat damp in the kitchen.

One important consideration when choosing porcelain tiles for your kitchen is to choose a brand that is certified as anti-slip.

Cork Flooring

Cork is often a material that is overlooked nowadays for flooring. However, it can make an excellent surface for most kitchens.

Cork is of course relatively soft and will be kind on your plates and dishes if anything is dropped.

Cork is often the popular choice among the more ecologically friendly people of this world as it is made from the bark of trees without necessarily needing to damage or cut down the trees. Tree bark always grows back so the tree is left virtually unaffected.

Cork is an anti-slip surface so it is also very suitable for a home that has elderly or physically challenged residents.

Despite being made from tree bark, cork is waterproof and therefore, can provide an excellent floor for a kitchen.

Hardwood Flooring

an example of hardwood flooringHardwood flooring is an excellent choice for most kitchens as it is very durable, easy to clean and it will not look dated after an extended period. All this means that you will not need to replace your kitchen floor for a long while to come.

Because hardwood flooring has a long life span and also will not go out of date, means that it is an excellent choice if you are planning to sell your house anytime in the future. It’s attractive natural look will be appealing to most any home buyer.

As hardwood looks great in multiple rooms, such as a lounge, means that hardwood is also a sensible choice if your kitchen is open plan to the living room.

When it come to hardwood flooring, you have tow options; wood planks or wood strips. Wood planks are more durable and less prone to movement due to temperature fluctuations and increased humidity, which are common conditions in kitchens due to the use of appliances, which will create an increase of warmth and air moisture.


If you have a larger budget and are wanting something more durable and looks are important, then you may want to choose either hardwood or porcelain tile flooring. However, bear in mind that if you are in your kitchen cooking a lot, then these surfaces will not be as comfortable on your feet and may cause you back ache and muscle tightness further down the line.

For people on a lower budget or who prefer a surface with more give below the feet will probably do better to opt for either vinyl or cork-based flooring option.

Glorious Flooring That Makes a Difference

Flooring that Makes a Difference!

floor-woodenWe believe that the flooring to any room makes a huge difference to the overall aesthetics and feel of that room, be it a bedroom, bathroom, flooring for your kitchen or even a conservatory.

Although it can be fairly easy to change the topical appearance of a floor in most cases, it is something that is better to get right from the get-go, as it can often be quite an upheaval for many people to change this part of a building. Furthermore, if their new chosen flooring also requires structural or foundational changes, then changing a floor can end up being a rather big job to say the least.

With proper guidance and careful planning, you can get the right flooring for your property with the minimal of hassle.


Changing the carpets of a property if often an easy process. Once the customer has chosen the carpets they would like, it can often only take a professional a few hours to make the change, depending upon the floor size of the particular room in question.

It is important to understand the requirements of a room before choosing carpets. For example, it is not favourable to employ carpets in a kitchen or a bathroom. The simple reason being, kitchens often have a lot of mess and food stuff that is dropped on the floors and can therefore, damage carpets and render them unsightly fairly quickly.

Carpets in a bathroom amy sound like a nice idea initially, but are prone to damp and therefore rotting within a sort period of time. Even if water is not frequently spilled on the floor in the carpeted bathroom, if the room does not have good air circulation and ventilation, the carpets can still soon turn mouldy due to excess moisture in the air, which will inevitably settle on the carpets.

Laminate Flooring

a person laying laminate flooringLaminate flooring is a rather trendy and popular choice these days and can make a fantastic addition to most rooms.

Laminate flooring can be a perfect choice for a kitchen or a bathroom, for the above reasons that the flooring will not get damaged so easily from spillage and excess moisture. Laminate flooring is also very easy to keep clean.

This kind of floor surface can also be a nice addition to a dining room, living room or bedroom. However, it is important to bear in mind that a room with laminate flooring will loose more heat than a carpeted room. Therefore, if you live in a cold climate or if your house is particularly cold, you may prefer to choose carpets for rooms where you will be spending more time.

There are several other choices of flooring on the market that you could choose for your home. Here is a great video from Matt Fox to talk you through the different options and help you decide which would be the best choice for you.